Red Clay Ramblers release Old North State

October 22, 2009

Jack Betts likes the Red Clay Ramblers’ new CD, “Old North State” with our very own Creative Writing Professor Bland Simpson, alum Jack Herrick, and company. Learn more.


‘How Could Anyone Defend Slavery?’

October 21, 2009

Award-winning literary scholar and social critic Andrew Delbanco will discuss “How Could Anyone Defend Slavery? Moral Crisis in Antebellum America” Oct. 29 at 7 p.m. at UNC in Gerrard Hall. Free and open to the public, books for sale and signing at reception afterwards. Learn more.

Offensive Play

October 14, 2009

Malcolm Gladwell compares dogfighting and football, and discusses UNC research findings on the health consequences of football concussions by Kevin Guskiewicz (Exercise and Sport Science). Read all about it in the new New Yorker.

UNC’s living laboratory in the Galapagos

October 14, 2009

UNC and partners at the University of San Francisco – Quito, Ecuador, are developing a living laboratory to prevent ecological damage in the fragile Galapagos Islands. Learn more.

Carolina’s liberal arts advantage, on UNC You Tube

October 14, 2009

Check out the UNC You Tube video of Karen Gil, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, expressing her perspective on the importance of a liberal arts education for leadership in a fast-changing world.