Remembering Bill Little

March 30, 2009

Writing on his blog after the memorial service for Bill Little, who died last month, Chancellor Holden Thorp recalled the lessons he learned from his long friend and colleague, and they have nothing to do with chemical equations and reactions:

Bill Little was one of the people who made Carolina and North Carolina what it is today. He took our chemistry department from the middle of the pack to its current high level of scholarship and teaching productivity, he reinvented the way we do private fundraising at the university, and he drove the realization of the Research Triangle Park.  Then he worked in the administration at Carolina as vice chancellor and interim provost and at the UNC system as vice president. Over the years, he gave me a heck of a lot of good advice….”

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How ’bout Anoop Dawg Millionaire?

March 27, 2009

UNC College folklore grad student and Clef Hangers idol Anoop “Dawg” Desai sang his heart out to make it into the Top 9 on American idol last night. Listen here.

Mark Rydell Retrospective honors film giant

March 24, 2009

Renowned director Mark Rydell — whose films On Golden Pond, The Rose and Cinderella Liberty received 26 Oscar nominations — is teaching at Carolina for the next week as the Evan Frankel Visiting Lecturer in the Writing for the Screen and Stage Program. The UNC College program will host the Rydell Retrospective Film Festival at the Chelsea Theater in Chapel Hill, where audiences can attend his movies for free and discuss them with him afterwards, March 30-April 1.

The festival features The Cowboys (John Wayne) and James Dean (James Franco) as well as On Golden Pond (Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda and Katherine Hepburn), The Rose (Bette Midler) and Cinderella Liberty (James Caan and Marsha Mason). For schedule and details click here.

Anoop is in American Idol Top 10

March 19, 2009

March 19 — UNC College folklore graduate student Anoop Desai, who was in serious trouble two weeks ago with low votes in the American Idol competition, went from “being a zero to a hero,” with his performance on Tuesday, as one judge declared. Following the voting, he’s now among the Top 10 contestants. Details.

John Kerry is coming

March 18, 2009

U.S. Senator John Kerry is speaking at Carolina on Friday, March 20, 2:30 pm in Hill Hall. Free, no tickets needed. Learn more.

Tar Heels rank No. 1 in academics

March 18, 2009

Just in time for March Madness, Inside Higher Ed has released its brackets for the NCAA tournament, with a twist, ranking the teams according to academic performance. Carolina came out national champs, of course, leaving cross-town rival Duke in the dust at the Sweet 16 (where they were defeated by Villanova!).

While we’re tooting our horn, we’d like to point out that President Obama has picked Carolina to win the NCAA tournament, because, he says, we have “experience and balance.” (Uh, never mind that he also picked us to win last year, unsuccessfully.) And, might we add, Forbes says that Carolina has the most “valuable” team in terms of financial benefit to the school and the community.

Now if Ty Lawson would get his toe healed….Heal Toe. Go Heels.

Anoop is still an Idol

March 12, 2009

Anoop Desai, the UNC College folklore grad student who sings his heart out, is STILL on American Idol. Tonight we find out if he made it into the Top 10.  Check out his latest performanceLearn more.