Red Clay Ramblers release Old North State

October 22, 2009

Jack Betts likes the Red Clay Ramblers’ new CD, “Old North State” with our very own Creative Writing Professor Bland Simpson, alum Jack Herrick, and company. Learn more.


B.B. King, Lucille and more

September 18, 2009

B.B. King, a guitar named Lucille, and more Mississippi blues tales in UNC blues historian William Ferris’ new book and DVD, Give My Poor Heart Ease, coming soon from UNC Press. Learn more here about the book, film and audio clips online.

Celebrated tenor Anthony Dean Griffey will teach at UNC

June 25, 2009

Big news for Carolina music students: Two-time Grammy Award-winning tenor Anthony Dean Griffey will teach master music classes and one-on-one voice coaching sessions as UNC Artist-in-Residence during the coming academic year. Two of the master classes will be open for the public to attend. Click here for details.

Griffey, a native of High Point, recently discussed his life and career, with Jessica Jones on WUNC-FM radio. He recalled growing up the shy child of furniture workers who first sang in the Baptist church choir. One of his former teachers remembers having to push him out on stage, but when he sang “The Impossible Dream,” the highschool audience gave him a standing ovation.

Listen to the interview, including discussions of his life in North Carolina and New York, his career as an opera and concert star, and his comments when he won two Grammy’s earlier this year.

Hot’s not cool

October 10, 2008

From Sept. 21 New York Times: Hot is not so hot. As an adjective – hot topic, hot pants, hot to trot, hot fashion, hot news – the modifier appears to be losing some of its steam. Fierce is where it’s at (and forget about “where it’s at” – it isn’t anymore). According to the latest survey of students by English professor Connie Eble at UNC, fierce no longer means “ferocious” but has gained the slang sense of “well dressed and made-up; extremely attractive, formerly called ‘hot.'” You can feel the metaphors of heat slipping over the hill toward the Graveyard of Dated Slang, where rests “co-ed,” “crazy, man!,” “nerd,” and “you’re history.”

Tift Merritt Talks

August 30, 2008

Singer-Songwriter and creative writing alum Tift Merritt interviews Nick Hornsby, Bob Edwards and others on her public radio show.